8 Sexiest Honeymoon Lingerie Ideas to Experiment in 2019

Stepping into the exciting bonds of matrimony, newly wed couples are bound to feel equal measures of exhilaration and nerves- The first night, and the honeymoon period that come right after, pave the way to physical attraction and intimacy between them! 

Every woman wants to make sure she starts this incredibly private celebration just right. There is no better gift for your husband than your beautiful selves, and with just the right gift-wrapping, the element of surprise and seduction can be really exciting- we are referring to your honeymoon lingerie, of course.

To appeal to your man’s heart, mind and truly own him on your special nights, here are a few provocative lingerie options that you can equip yourself with on your honeymoon.



For the ladies that aren’t shy to put themselves out there, a right pair of bra and briefs is seductive like nothing else. Know your options below, and then shop for what most appeals your inner feminine goddess the most.

1. Grecian Tulle Bra

An incredibly lightweight and sheer fabric, Grecian tulle bra and briefs are a highly erotic and feminine display of your ladies, and are bound to wreak havoc on your man’s senses.

2. Strappy Underwire Set

There is no man who can resist himself a touch of his BDSM fantasies come true. Whether you lean towards submission or channel your inner dominatrix, pick out a dark, strappy, leathery number, and watch the magic unfold.



3. Underwire Bra

They lend beautiful support, add sophistication to your shape and frame and the right set will leave his eyes begging for more and more of you.

4. Satin Lingerie 

Nothing is perhaps as well suited to the extravagance of the honeymoon, as a beautiful bride revealing herself in satin nightwear. The rich and smooth fabric will look regal on your skin and oozes a sexy, sophisticated appeal.

5. Embroidered Set 

For the women who delight in delicate, feminine fashion expressions, embroidered lingerie will be a seamless extension of your personal style. Claim your delicate diva aura in these embroidered lingerie sets and help your man find a new appreciation of your personal sexy style!



6. Garden Boudoir Set

If Aphrodite were to descend herself, we might find her prancing in the greens in one of these too! Garden Boudoir sets are intrinsically connected to green vistas and notions of fertility and abundance- definitely a good signal to begin your bedroom life with!

7. Bow-back high waisted panty

Who doesn’t like gifts, and bows and strings just add to the excitement of getting one even more. Your romantic nights could be off to a great start when you let your man unwrap you out of these babies, one slow bowstring at a time.



8. Lace bra and Panty 

Lace is the trademark of a woman who knows how to lethally combine her femininity, an old-world charm, and tasteful seduction. Choose an intricate lace ensemble for your nights with your special one, and watch him come undone like delicate crochet himself.



Well-fitted, sultry and synonymous with confidence, a body suit is a single-piece garment that can take your night to glamorous heights. The options range from skimpy lace numbers and ribbon bow ensembles, all the way to Bondage-inspired Harness bodysuits. Take your pick, and strut your stuff confidently, knowing you cannot be better dressed than in these sirens!




For women who prefer flowing fabrics and a subtler approach to seduction, night gowns are the perfect loose apparel for their nights. An elegant ivory night gown or a sheer gown will soothe you into relaxation and comfort, and entice your husband’s mind till he cannot stop thinking of you!




Baby dolls are short, sexy, frock-like variations of nightwear that are usually sleeveless, upper-thigh length nightdresses. They are available in exquisite fabrics and are a combination of a cupping bralette and loose skirt, which flatter the generous curves of women of all shapes beautifully. Spice up your romance with a seductive bridal lace or tuxedo baby doll. A ruffled lace baby doll is a great option if you have a voluptuous figure and then some.




Chemise is a loose, sleevless mini dress of satin, lace or chiffon that drapes from the shoulder down- they are the perfect mix of comfort and sensuality, and newlywed chemise are the new trend in town. These are also available in lace, strappy options or with retro-embellishments.




To enhance your natural curves even more, embrace the flirty bustier- these strapless, fitting tops hug your figure, double up as push-up options, and are sure to allure your man till he cannot keep his hands off of you. Make sure to explore the variety in these, which includes ivory bustier sets, structured bustier tops and star-cup bustier.




These short, fashionable silk or chiffon robes add layers, anticipation and excitement when worn over your lingerie. While picking them out, make sure to co-ordinate the whole look well, and be ‘covered up’ yet sexy and inviting for your honeymoon.




Chiffon nightshirts are the perfect accessory for a casual, flirty, playful night where you want the fun to go on back and forth endlessly. These sheer additions spell pure class and open your night up to many sensual options.

While the options available are many, confidence and experimentation is the key in picking the perfect lingerie for you. Choose your favourite nightwear for your honeymoon armada, take your man’s breath away and create beautiful romantic memories that you both are going to cherish for a lifetime!

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